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…To me personally, the climax of the festival was the performance of the Japanese soprano Nao Higano. Her powerful voice has a beautiful colour; it is well balanced from the lowest note up to the highest one. She sings comfortably, without any visible strain, her pronunciation is so clear, that nearly each word can be understood even in high notes. She can be dramatic, serious, joyful… Although her voice predestinates Nao Higano rather to opera singing, at the concert, she proved that these songs are not alien to her at all.
(Recital at the Festival Young Prague, Rudolfinum) - Hudebni rozhledy Nr.10/1996

...Many Slovak singers could be envious of her Slovak pronunciation.
(Recital in Church of St. Laurence in Prague) – Tvar, 24. 6. 1999

...Nao Higano exceeds in terms of research, technique and expression. She has documented her ability of embellishing singing, potential to the spinto soprano in arias from The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni (exposed Dona Anna) and Traviata.
(Festival Cultural Summer Bratislava 1999) – Narodna obroda, 28. 8. 1999

…Nao Higano was wonderful when enacting the cycle. She was able not only to identify herself with the lexical part (sophisticated even for a native Slovak), to catch its substance and its purpose but she also managed to present each of the vocally and musically dominantly determined songs with a trace of intelligent and spicy humour.
(L. Kupkovič: Three songs, premiere) – Hudobny zivot, 01/2002

…The Valentine’s concert in the Slovak Radio was enriched by the charming Japanese singer Nao Higano. Her multilayer soprano is coloured in an interesting way. A brilliant singing technique and a sophisticated usage of dynamics reach from pianissimo to fortissimo.
(B. Martinu: Magic nights, cycle of songs, SOSR) – Hospodarske noviny, 8.3.2002

…Nao Higano admirably managed the three-minute monologue of the Woman in Erwartung. During both the premieres, the audience was fascinated by her tone quality, her dynamic and expressive shading, her emotionality…
(A. Schonberg: Erwartung, Slovak premiere, Opera SND) – Domino forum, 7.11.2002

...The bright site of the staging is musical work and performance by the protagonist - Nao Higano. In spite of her chamber lyrical voice, she managed not only to express by singing opposite mental conditions and situations but also to cope with the extremely demanding part.
(A. Schonberg: Erwartung, Opera SND) –Literarny tyzdennik 14.11.2002


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